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Reunion Tickets Service

Our Reunion Tickets service is straight forward and simple to setup and use.

Reunion Tickets provides you with a Reunion website in which all your alumnus can register as a member of your group, as well as provides you with the ability to easily sell your reunion tickets on-line.

All ticket sales money goes directly into your PayPal account !

Our Reunion Tickets service charges a flat fee each time you hold a reunion or group events in separate years. There are NO annual or monthly fees. There are also NO per registration or transaction fees either by Reunion Tickets. So more money goes toward your Reunion, when using our Reunion Tickets Service.

This means that you can maintain, manage, as well as communicate with your alumnus in between your reunions at no cost.
It also means that the next time you have a reunion you're all set to start selling tickets instead of looking for alumni.

Your alumnus also will know where to go to find out information and purchase tickets for all future reunions.
Your Reunion Tickets Reunion website is also a great way to stay-in touch in-between your reunion too.

Easy & Simple

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